Modern Foreign Languages Intent

At St. Gregory’s, our MFL programme is an essential part of our broad and balanced curriculum. Not only does it provide opportunities to communicate more effectively with others, it also helps children to understand what it is to be a global citizen. This includes the importance of tolerance and understanding which is crucial knowledge in today’s world.

Our aim is to provide a curriculum that allows our children to:

  • Make sustained progress in one language: at St. Gregory’s we have chosen Spanish as our primary language.
  • Develop the skills and confidence necessary to provide a foundation for learning further languages and to study, work and live in other countries.
  • Experience a range of other languages through themed opportunities.
  • Foster their curiosity, develop a love of and gain a cultural understanding of the diversity of languages across the world.


Our MFL curriculum is designed to focus on the building blocks of language, i.e. grammar and vocabulary.

Spanish is taught throughout the week with lessons planned in sequence so that prior learning is considered and opportunities for revision of language and grammar are built in. Our children are encouraged and supported to develop their speaking and listening skills through conversational work, singing activities and games. By the end of KS2, the children will have opportunities to record their work through pictures, captions and sentences.

In addition, language enrichment days are organised annually on a whole school basis where children are immersed in linguistic and cultural activities for the day. These focus primarily on the cultural diversity of the school community, making links to and celebrating native languages.

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